Upright & Inverted Microscopes for material testing and industrial applications

Primotech is an entry level compact manual materials microscope. Combine with Matscope and you get a clever imaging solution with an attractive price/performance ratio[..] Read more

Axio Lab.A1 for Materials
Reliable Microstructure and Material Defect Analysis. Choose the best configuration for your application from three stand versions of Axio Lab.A1: reflected light illumination and/or transmitted light illumination; Axio Lab.A1 for orthoscopy or Axio Lab.A1 for conoscopy[..] Read more

Axio Scope.A1 for Materials
Configure your Axio Scope.A1 exactly as your work requires: make your own combination from five different upper bodies and three lower bodies and two extra-long Vario columns. Flexibility in every component. Economy in every configuration[..] Read more

Axio Scope.A1 for Polarized Light Microscopy
Combine the flexibility of Axio Scope.A1 with polarized light[..] Read more

Axio Imager 2 for Material Research
An upright research microscope for advanced materials research. Introduce a coded or motorized and easy-to-use system into your workflow for accurate and reproducible results in quality control and process control[..] Read more

Axio Imager 2 for Polarized Light
Axio Imager 2 offers excellent imaging quality in polarized light. As an option, the coded or motorized components always deliver precise and reproducible results[..] Read more

Axio Imager Vario for Large Samples
Axio Imager Vario allows to analyze smallest MEMS sensors up to XXL wafer or even entire flat plane panel displays without destroying them. Thanks to the sample height of up to 254 mm and lateral space of up to 300 mm you examine the broadest range of samples[..] Read more

Axio Vert.A1 for Materials
With Axio Vert.A1 manual inverted materials microscope you examine large, heavy samples from a wide range of classic and advanced contrasting methods and easily switch between brightfield, darkfield, DIC, C-DIC, fluorescence and polarization contrast in reflected light[..] Read more

Axio Observer for Material Research
An inverted research microscope for investigation, development and analysis of materials. Choose between three stand versions and modular enhancements, depending on your needs for manual, encoded or motorized components[..] Read more



Stereo Microscopes generate three-dimensional, laterally precise images for your microscope applications. These products offer large object fields and allow extended working distances. A Stereo Microscope from Carl Zeiss is ideal for analysis of rough materials surfaces.

Stemi 305
Stemi 305 is a compact greenough stereomicroscope with 5:1 zoom, integrated illumination and documentation Stemi 305 in labs and industrial production environments[…]Read more

Stemi 508
A compact Greenough stereo microscope with 8:1 zoom and apochromatic optics. Use it for all your lab work and industrial inspection[…] Read more

Stereo Discovery.V8
A manual modular stereo microscope with 8:1 zoom factor. Ergonomic with excellent image quality[…] Read more

Stereo Discovery.V12
It is an ergonomic stereo microscope that delivers crisp images over a 12:1 zoom range and apochromatic optics, for excellent 3D impression and increased depth of field[…] Read more

Stereo Discovery.V20
Stereo Discovery.V20 is a stereo microscope with largest zoom factor of 20:1, combining large fields of view with high magnification[…]Read more

Axio Zoom.V16 for Materials
Enjoy highest resolution and image quality in large fields of view with 16x zoom to examine finest details of your samples[…] Read more

Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope – ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in every field of industry[…]Read more

Electron Microscopes for Materials
Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) scan a sample with a focused electron beam and deliver images with information about the samples’ topography and composition.
CSEMs (conventional SEMs with a thermic electron source) and FE-SEMs from Zeiss (field emission SEMs with a field emission electron source) deliver high resolution surface information and superior materials contrast. Select your SEM out of a comprehensive portfolio of systems.
FIB-SEMs, Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes, combine 3D imaging and analysis performance of the Gemini electron beam column with the ability of a FIB for material processing and sample preparation on a nanoscopic scale.

Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron imaging. Put your EVO to work on a wide range of material samples[…] Read more

MERLIN Analytical Power for the Sub-Nanometer World
MERLIN with the GEMINI II column combines ultra fast analytics, high resolution imaging using advanced detection modes, and future assured configuration flexibility on one single system[…] Read more

Sigma Family FE-SEMs for High Quality Imaging and Advanced Analytical Microscopy
Combine field emission SEM (FE-SEM) technology with advanced analytics. Image particles, surfaces, and nanostructures. Save time with the semi-automated 4-step workflow of Sigma[…] Read more

Microscope Cameras for Science and Research are specially built to meet the demands of high-end science- and research applications[…] Read more