Life Sciences

ApoTome 3
Optical Sectioning in Fluorescence Imaging for Your Widefield Microscope​
With structured illumination, removal of out-of-focus light becomes simple and efficient. ZEISS Apotome 3 calculates your optical section from a number of images acquired with different grid positions. Get high-contrast images, even from thicker specimens, while your system remains just as easy to operate as always.[…] Read more

Axio Scan 7
An automated slide scanner to digitize your samples and create library of virtual slides[…] Read more

Cell Observer
Cell Observer is a system to document your living cells for long term experiments with reproducible results, Document movement, shape and physiological processes in living cells. This system enables you to carry out experiments at equidistant intervals with reproducible acquisition conditions[…] Read more

ZEISS Lightsheet 7

Light-Sheet Multiview Imaging of Living and Cleared Specimens[…] Read more

3D Superresolution Microscopy
Take a look beyond conventional light microscopy and benefit from highest resolution for the smallest structures[..] Read more

ELYRA superresolution microscopes are about choice:

ELYRA S.1 with superresolution structured illumination (SR-SIM) you image fine structural details while remaining free to label your samples with conventional dyes[…] Read more

ELYRA P.1 with  superresolution photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) for endogenously-expressed photo-switchable fluorescent proteins[…] Read more

ZEISS ELYRA now enables 3D-PALM

PALM MicroBeam
Laser Microdissection & Optical Tweezers for Sample manipulation
Α precise and contact-free laser microdissection system isolates single cell populations from heterogeneous samples to open up new prospects for molecular research[…] Read more

Optical Tweezers is also a contact-free method that uses a highly focused laser beam to manipulate and sort cells in suspension, to extend your possibilities in biological research[…] Read more


Correlative Microscopy: Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences
Shuttle & Find is a unique way to combine imaging and analytical methods of light and electron microscopy. Link functional and dynamic information about your specimens with ultra-structural details. Shuttle & Find by Carl Zeiss is  the first solution to offer precisely an easy-to-use, highly productive workflow from a light to an electron microscope – and vice versa[…] Read more

Material Sciences

Software Suite for Connected Microscopy from the Materials Lab to Production[…] Read more

Nanoscale and Correlative Analysis
Tailored Solutions for Particle Analysis Configured to Your Requirements[…] Read more

Smartzoom 5
Smartzoom 5 is a digital microscope – ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry[…] Read more


Correlative Microscopy: Shuttle & Find for Material Analysis

Shuttle & Find for Materials Analysis is a correlative interface for light and electron microscopes. You now have a straightforward way to combine the advantages of Carl Zeiss light microscopes with the extensive functionalities of our leading edge scanning electron microscopes[…] Read more