Laboratory Information and Management Systems από την INFOMED CS

sLis Enterprise® Suite consists of a process-optimized framework that supports health professionals in the prompt delivery of their services and the associated documentation but can also help them to minimize the cost and to reorganize the Lab business model with more safety and efficiency, so that they can meet the challenges of change that the future is bound to bring. Among its many advantages we point out:

Enterprise-wide information management for any laboratory niche, including scheduled appointments, patients archive, samples tracking, quality control results, results release & delivery, reagents inventory, billing and contract management services.

Time savings and workload reductions through an efficient and convenient user-interface which can be individually configured in accordance with any particular requirements. Comprehensive search functions and short-cut navigation aid to facilitate the processing of routine requests. Practical organizational modifications and a clear process monitoring feature optimize the workflow and eliminate Lab bottlenecks.

Cost savings thanks to a flexible and readily customizable system that can be matched to individual user requirements, based on a single IT platform easy to deploy and maintain.