Cold Storage

The Thermo Scientific Cold Storage program includes Cryopreservation Systems, Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, High Performance and General Purpose Freezers and Refrigerators.

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For a wide range of clinical and research applications, ANTISEL is offering the Thermo Scientific Centrifuge line.Varying from Microcentrifuges to Floor Standing models these products will meet most of the modern laboratory demands.

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Liquid Handling

From microplate filling to complex multi-step pipetting applications such as plate reformatting, stamping and serial dilutions, ANTISEL offers a variety of instruments to automate your liquid handling tasks.

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Microplate Instruments

ANTISEL’s Microplate Instrument range includes readers, washers and dispensers that can cover simple up to high-end applications

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Heating Equipment

Microbiological Incubators and Heating Ovens are necessary equipment in most modern Laboratories. We offer the Heratherm Portfolio of Thermo Scientific.

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CO2 incubators

For the optimization of Cell Culture, Antisel has the pleasure of being able to offer customers the Thermo Scientific CO2 Incubators.

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Water Purification Systems

For all research or clinical applications that demand Pure or Ultra Pure Water, ANTISEL offers the Thermo Scientific water purification systems portfolio, including a variety of models.

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General Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

ANTISEL has been well established as a total solution provider. We provide a huge range of general laboratory consumables, accessories and instruments.

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Biological Safety Cabinets and Clean Benches

We offer a wide range of Biological Safety Cabinets,Recirculation Fume Cupboards and Laminar Flow Cabinets.

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