Blood Processing

With the widest range of blood bags currently on the market, Macopharma gives its customers maximum flexibility while guaranteeing product traceability, multiple formats and individual packaging for optimal safety.

Quality products
All Macopharma products in the transfusion field are CE marked.The quality of our products is guaranteed by our GMP process and ISO 13485 standards.
– User-friendly packaging of disposable sterile packs.
– One of the most tamperproof labels with the highest quality of readable information.

A unique traceability system
Confidence in the blood products and the blood pack systems is an absolute must. For this reason, Macopharma has developed a unique system providing complete traceability of blood pack systems and their individual components:

– Traceability and control of all raw materials.
– Complete traceability and control of each semi-finished product (filters, bags) identified by an individual number.
– Traceability of final products (reference and batch number printed on labels and transcribed into various barcode formats).

Macopharma provides you with the widest range of blood collection systems adaptable to each need from simple blood pack systems to blood bags including filters for leukoreduction.

1. SECUVAM: Prevention of needle stick injury.Visual and audible validation of needle lock.
2. VACUVAM: Sampling in a closed system. Easy to insert vacuum tubes.
3. BACTIVAM: Reduction of bacterial contamination provided with a sampling bag of 40mL.
– 16-gauge needle with an angled bevel for smooth insertion and optimized catheterization.
– Lateral striations on the needle hub to provide a better grip and control of the needle during collection.
– 100% of our needles are tested for sharpness.
– Needle covered by a hard removable protector (cap) to protect the needle bevel.

5. One-way permanent clamp:
– Avoids bacterial contamination: 100 % watertight.
– Requires less force to be closed (prevents RSI*).
– Completely integrated to the tubing.
6.  Break-away cannula:
– Prevents CPD upstream flow into the needle.
– Allows direct access of first collected mililiters into the
– Bactivam.
– Break-away cannula with a CONSISTENT breaking.
– Easy to break to avoid haemolysis issues.
* Repetitive Strain Injuries

Blood Processing filters

Inline filters


Dockable filters


Blood Safety

Complete portfolio related to all the transfusion processes from collection to therapeutic solutions through blood components produced in Blood Banks & are to be transfused in Hospital Departments following high standard procedures.

Full portfolio leading to blood and transfusion safety