scientist man writing in notebook with testtubes on the table

From discovery to validation, Antisel helps the “Omics” scientific society to simplify complex workflows covering both needs, the reliable unknown identification in large sample sets and the comprehensive quantitation.

The offered solution is based on:

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS, LC-Triple TOF)
The leading edge technology by Sciex is based on the Triple Quadropole as well as the unique QTrap technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis up to ppt level. It covers all demands and needs in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, sample throughput etc. for a wide range of applications. The new trend of Untargeted Analysis is covered by the Triple TOF line that combines the high mass accuracy – high resolution with the reliable quantitation and the high throughput.

These sophisticated Mass Spectrometers are coupled with high end Sciex Liquid Chromatography systems, covering all needs from nanoflow HPLC for nanospray LC/MS to high-throughput microflow HPLC for drug discovery and development.