Exciting NGS news from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Ion GeneStudio™ S5 series is a new line of benchtop next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems that enable you to efficiently run small and large projects across multiple research applications, with the simplest sample-to-data NGS workflow and superior speed. With flexibility powered by the ability to choose from five Ion Torrent™ chips, these systems offer the opportunity to conduct wide-ranging experiments on a single platform.

Ion Torrent™ sequencing chips—the key to system versatility

How can a single instrument scale so easily to accommodate multiple applications, throughputs, and data outputs? The answer is in the chip. Just consider the number of samples you need to run and the desired data output that is optimal for your application. Then simply select a sequencing chip that fits your throughput or application needs. This versatility enables you to run both small and large-scale projects without the need to change platforms.

Simple, rapid NGS workflow with less than 45 minutes of hands-on time

Together with Ion AmpliSeq™ technology for target selection and the Ion Chef™
System for automated library and template preparation, the Ion GeneStudio S5 series helps you streamline your targeted NGS workflow, so you can focus on finding meaningful answers to your research questions.

Please, find more information by downloading the brochure from here or the specification sheet from here.